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Update… Scary Night


Last night we/I had a big scare. Norah has seemed to be getting better, but on Wednesday we went to get another sonogram, and it showed that she still had quite a bit of blood in her uterus. It doesn’t seem to be an infection, but a hemorrhage, that’s what the doctor said. The weird thing about it all is that until a few days ago, Norah had completely stopped bleeding.

Last evening, we were home watching a movie. We were watching “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey. While we were watching it, Norah started complaining about something, but then wouldn’t respond to my questions. Suddenly she just went out like a light bulb burning out. She was just laying there with her eyes rolled back, and honestly she looked dead. I checked her heartbeat and breathing, and thank God she was normal with both. After a little bit she finally came to, and couldn’t remember a thing. I called the doctor, and he was very concerned, but told me to just have her stay put and to not move much at all. I made her a cup of coffee, and she drank that, and then slept immediately. I watched her all night, but she seems quite fine this morning. The doctor said that he’ll be coming here any minute, so we are waiting to see what he says, but that was very scary. I guess she just passed out, but I thought for a minute that I was loosing her. The kids were already in bed, so thankfully they didn’t see it all.

You can read on the bottom of this page (the front page) all of the latest news here in Bolivia. Things are really building up, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Things are kind of crazy here in Bolivia right now. December 14th is supposedly the day that the new constitution must be finished. We’ll see what happenes.

Anyway, I need to go. I hear the doctor knocking on the door now. Love you all. Please pray for Norah!





The doctor just came and took her blood pressure. Her pressure was 78/46, which of course the doctor was very worried. In a few minutes, someone from a laboratory here is going to come and take a sample of Norah’s blood to check things out there. The doctor thinks that Norah has a bad case of anemia, and thinks that she’ll probably have to receive blood. In the meantime, she needs to stay in bed and rest until we know what is going to happen. I’ll keep you updated…

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