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Update on Norah


We got Norah’s blood test back, and it shows that she still only has a slight anemia, which is the same as when she left the hospital. That was quite surprising to me and the doctor, but was also welcome news. We were very worried that she had a bad case of anemia. I had been looking up all of these things on the Internet, and I was half convinced that she was experiencing symptoms of Shock that comes from acute anemia.

These tests show us totally differently. What the doctor believes is 2 things: 1) Norah’s passing out and weakness is a result of her very low blood pressure. While we’re not exactly sure why her blood pressure is so low, she has always had very low pressure, averaging about 90/60 (Up to there is what the doctor said), so just the slight anemia and maybe the loss of many of her nutrients in breast feeding may be the cause. (That’s my part of the theory, not the doctors… he didn’t give me his theory) ^_^ 2) It looks like Norah still has a rather large blood clot in her uterus, which is causing irritation, and is causing the uterus to continually try to expel it. The doctor does not believe that she is losing any more blood, but that she needs a scraping of the uterus to be able to stop of the fluids and whatever else is descending from there.

The doctor has given Norah some medicine that should help bring up her blood pressure to a more normal level. While she is taking that medicine, she can’t breast feed, so we will have to give Derrick milk formula. That most likely won’t be a problem, because we have already complimented Norah’s milk with this at several times, and he drank it right up. He hopes that either on Monday or Tuesday, once her pressure is back up, he can work on her and do a D & C to clean her out and hopefully get over whatever problems she has continued to have since the baby’s birth.

Norah has been very weak today, but I believe that she will be ok. I was very worried for awhile there last night, thinking at one moment that we were losing her, but thank God, that doesn’t seem to be the case. We know that quite a few have been praying for her. We truly appreciate it.

I’ll keep everyone updated with any new info that I have! Blessings…

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