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Update on Fundraising


If there is ONE THING that I truly do not enjoy about being a missionary/pastor/church planter… it is the fact that we have to raise the funds to do those things. I guess that comes with the territory, although I resist it with everything in me. :- I guess that in God’s eyes it is good though, because it constantly humbles us and reminds us that we need him and everyone else too. So, I guess that I need to change my attitude towards it a little. I need to treat it like I’ve treated the heat in Santa Cruz this year. I’ll say to myself every day that I love it, even when I’m suffering badly, and sooner or later the feelings will come along afterwards… right? ;-) I hope that works!

So let me start over. One of the things that I LOVE to do is to raise funds for God’s work in Bolivia. =) It’s been tough going so far in Santa Cruz, because we have been so limited by not having a place to meet. We have the strangest situation, one that many would like to have. We have PEOPLE but we don’t have a PLACE to meet. In just a few months of small groups & a couple evangelistic activities, we have between 80 to 100 people who are waiting for us to “start” or “take off”. As I mentioned before, rent for mid-sized (not large) buildings in Santa Cruz runs anywhere between $1,200 to $3,000 US dollars a month. A new church plant in Bolivia can’t do that. We decided to rent a place that only costs us $350 a month… BUT… we have to put a temporary roof (in 2 years we’ll have to take it down) on it. Basically we are converting a garden into an auditorium. This also costs a lot ($8,500), but it beats paying thousands a month for years, and we’ll be able to use this roof later on.

Our goal as a new church plant is to reach as many people as possible in as short a time as possible for God. Wehave received some “flack” for our philosophy… some saying that churches who are 50 years old in the United States don’t have some of the things that we want. “We don’t need those things to worship God”. Those who say that are absolutely right. We don’t need anything else to worship God. But that’s not the ONLY reason we’re planting this church. We’re planting this church to reach the lost. We want to make an impact in Santa Cruz. We want God’s power to hit that city like never before. That is our goal, and that’s why we are there.

To do that, we need to buy some more chairs, a sound system, do advertising, contract a worship leader, etc. Altogether, our budget comes out to $36,000. For more details, please read our Church Plant Proposal. So that is our goal. I’ve been home for a month, leaving Norah & the kids in Santa Cruz (because of school). So far, mostly I’ve only planted seeds, but I know that God has everything planned out. I’ll be returning to Bolivia next Thursday, October 29.

I’m going to keep you as informed as I can as to where we are in this quest that we have. So far, we have raised… $12,233.22 dollars (UPDATED 10/24). I’ll keep the website ( updated every time we get more in! Please check back often. I’m posting in the table that follows the gifts that we have received for this project, without names, so you can see what others have given so far. Please remember that these gifts are what we receive ABOVE and BEYOND the regular monthly support that we receive. Also this only includes gifts that we have received since my trip home, because the budget is based on what we don’t have yet. Several gave some great gifts a few months ago (thank you so much!), and that allowed us to put in the floor and stage of the new place. This budget is based on top of that.

GOAL = $36,000


Total Goal: $36,000
Total Raised: $12,233.22

Date Gift Amount
Oct. 6 $85.00
Oct. 8 $741.00
Oct. 8 $20.00
Oct. 9 $10.00
Oct. 9 $200.00
Oct. 11 $1,000.00
Oct. 14 $3,000.00
Oct. 14 $100.00
Oct. 15 $500.00
Oct. 20 $1,000.00
Oct. 20 $100.00
Oct. 21 $500.00
Oct. 21 $50.00
Oct. 21 $50.00
Oct. 21 $40.00
Oct. 22 $50.00
Oct. 22 $1,772.22
Oct. 23 $500.00
Oct. 23 $15.00
Oct. 24 $2,500.00
TOTAL $12,233.22

God is, and will do great things during this time. Please pray with us as we continue to throw ourselves at God’s work, trusting in him. =) God Bless, and Check back often!


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