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Update Letter… We’re STILL in Bolivia


Life is unexpected! That is basically the theme of our life right now.  We’re still in Bolivia.  It’s a long story, but basically God is moving everything and forcing us to do things His way… Not ours.  🙂  We won’t be leaving Bolivia until mid-July.  The couple that will take over our Santa Cruz church came to visit us and the church two weeks ago.  (They’ll come to stay on July 9.)  While they were here, we signed the contract for the new building that the church will be renting. We talked and talked about the ministry, Bolivian culture, successes, failures, etc.  We also showed them around the city, and Pastor Daniel preached that Sunday at the church. What a perfect couple God has chosen to take over for us here in Santa Cruz!  They are an accomplished couple in the main church in Buenos Aires.  They have close to 500 people under their care in their small groups there.  They are in their mid forties and have three kids. The people in our church are very sad because we are leaving, but they all fell in love with Daniel and Claudia Damico.  We KNOW that God is going to do great things through them!

Our lives are in turmoil.  We sold a lot of our things as soon as we got back from the USA, thinking that we would leave in early June.  Now we’re camping out in our empty house until July 1st, when we will move to the church for a few weeks before leaving Bolivia.   Tuesday, May 31st, I had a ureteroscopy to take out a stone in my right urethra and to fix the left urethra that was almost totally closed because of damage from earlier stones.  They left a catheter in, to make sure that my left urethra heals well.  They will have to take that out next week.  Not Fun.  I have been in pain ever since, and the catheter drives me crazy.  I’m not looking forward to getting it taken out though.  🙁  Even with the pain, we had to continue working. I married a young couple on Saturday, the 4th. We moved the church from the old place to the new last week.  We are preparing the new place so that it’ll work great for the church and will be livable for the pastors that are coming.  We’re rewiring the electricity in the place and are building a new stage.  We’re painting, putting in new windows and are designing and getting a new sign made for the front of the church.

On top of that, I had an accident this morning on my way to the church.  A lady came out of a side street and ran right into the front right side of my car.  She is the wife of an important guy in the transit police, so they ruled that 100% of the blame was mine.  It’s totally ridiculous, but that’s how things work here. They say that I have to pay all of my bill and all of hers too. I was told that I can appeal the ruling, but after getting counsel from several different people, I have decided not to. I may not get my car back in time to even sell it before I leave if I do. It’s a pathetic and powerless situation that I’m in. In any case, I know that God is our judge.

As I said, unexpected is the best word that describes our lives right now… But all is in Gods hands.  We KNOW that He is directing every step that we take.  Please remember us in your prayers over the next month.  We still have so much to do.  Pray for health, that I would feel better (please Lord!).  We also need to travel to La Paz and to Sucre before the end of the month.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those of you who support us. May the Lord bless you in all you do.


Jason and Norah


P.S.  Note from the treasurer of Hand of Hur.  Please do not stop sending those pledges and gifts.  I couldn’t pay Jason’s monthly check in May because funds are low and there isn’t enough to purchase their tickets home.  God will provide!  Connie


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