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The Time Has Come!


**This is our latest snail-mail newsletter… I thought that I’d post it here too!

Happy New Year and Greetings from Nashville!  We pray that this letter finds you happy and healthy with much to look forward to in the New Year.  We have so much to share with you!  God has been doing some amazing things here!

The Apple Blessing…

A few weeks after sending out our last snail-mail newsletter, I (Jason) was hired by Apple to work in a brand new Apple Store just south of Nashville.  I went through two weeks of training, helped to set up the store and began working in late June.  That job has turned out to be a wonderful answer to prayer.  We were looking for a better way to get to know more people, the culture, etc… and boy have we!  I have met so many people at the store.  It has turned out to be the perfect platform to talk to and get to know people.  I have had many opportunities to open up and share our past and our dreams.  It has been a marvelous blessing.  We have continued to stay in touch with many of those whom I met in the store, and have become close friends with some!  For example; last evening we played games with a couple that I met in the store in August.  Today a Bolivian lady that I met in the store came to visit Norah, and tomorrow another lady is coming for lunch!

Apart from the relationships that we have made, this job has also turned out to be a great job and a financial blessing.  The job completely fits my personality and skills.  I have done well there, and received an internal promotion in November.  I don’t make a whole lot of money (definitely not enough on which to support a family), but it has helped us get on our feet!  We also have health/life/vision/dental insurance through Apple.

The Time Has Come…

We have some AWESOME NEWS!  Saturday, February 2 at 7:00 PM will be our first “official” meeting as a church!!!  God has opened so many doors for us over the past year, and FINALLY the time has come for us to put it all together and begin our journey together as a new church!

Apart from the amazing blessing of my job, God has opened a huge door for us.  When we first arrived here in Murfreesboro, we wanted to find a church to attend while we were preparing to plant our own.  The first Sunday that we were here, we visited a church close to the University and really loved it.  It wasn’t big (between 80-150 weekly attendance), but we liked the style, it was a young church, and the people were great.  It was a campus/branch of a much larger church in Nashville.  We visited some other churches over the next month, but decided to go back to this church permanently.  We made some great friends there, although we were very careful not to involve any of them in our future plans with the new church.  About three weeks ago the main church decided to close all of their campuses, because they weren’t financially solvent.  Some of the members of this campus will make the trip to Nashville for services, but many will not.  Last week I met with the pastor of the main church.  He gave me his complete blessing and support in working with all of those from the Murfreesboro campus who are willing to plant a new church!

So, we have scheduled a meeting with EVERYONE that we have met from work, the church, etc. for a meeting on February 2nd.  We will be sharing our dreams and calling that evening!  May the Lord do His will. GREAT THINGS ARE COMING!


Our family is doing very well.  Norah is adjusting fine to living in the USA.  She loves having people around her constantly, so she’s happy with all of these new friends!  Our biggest need right now is to get her a car.  I work 45 minutes from the house, so she is stuck at home alone.  She needs to visit people, go to the kids’ schools, and grocery shop.  We are praying that God gives us guidance and his blessing in getting a car for her.  Please pray with us in that area!  The kids are well.  Erynn is 12 and in 7th grade.  She’s good, but she is a pre-teen girl (Need I say more? 😉 ).  Today is Jordan’s birthday (1/15 – 9 yrs. old), and he’s doing great in school.  Derrick starts kindergarten this fall.


Please keep us in your prayers!  We need them.  God is doing so much here, but we do and will receive many attacks.  You have been incredible in supporting us continually in finances, and we ask that you never forget to do so spiritually also!  Please also keep connected to us online through Facebook or our website!  We will be much more active on these outreaches in the coming months!  Thank you so much once again for everything, and may the Lord bless you and your family ABUNDANTLY!


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