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Steps of Faith!!!


Hoy es el diaWow guys, along with BIG dreams comes LOTS and LOTS of WORK! That’s where we are at right now.

We continue to do our weekly services (Sunday was our 2nd!). It is extremely exciting to finally be holding actual services in Spanish. It’s hard to explain, but we are SO MUCH more comfortable preaching and ministering in Spanish! It’s probably because I went through seminary in Spanish, AND the fact that we have ministered for 15 years and preached 1000’s of sermons in Spanish!

We are also putting together a team of people who will be instrumental in helping us grow and discipling all of those that we will be reaching over the next few months! On Wednesday’s we have prayer at 7pm with the English side of the church, and at 8 we are having a special small group with this team. Last night we met and laid out our main plans for the next two months.

Apart from Sunday services, we have multiple activities planned. Next Friday evening (Nov. 20th), we will be projecting the Spanish version of “Finding Nemo” at the church. We will be inviting kids from all over the community to come along with their parents. Norah will then meet with the mothers and minister to them while several from Journey’s Youth group will be helping us take care of the kids. We are also in the process of preparing a Thanksgiving get-together, another movie night in December, a cleanup day, multiple small groups, a special Christmas service and a New Years Eve celebration!

Our goal of reaching 100 Hispanics for Christ by December 31st is huge, but we are working hard and reaching out in any possible way that we can. Along with all of the work and outreach that we are doing, we are working with pastors Doug and Debbie to get the English side of the church to embrace this challenge with us! So many of them work and live with or by Hispanics, and have huge opportunities of reaching out to them.

Keep us in your prayers as we move forward, and PLEASE… help us spread the word so that both sides of this goal can be met… the Pledge side of it as well as the Outreach side of it. Make sure to check out our 100-To-Run campaign page!  Thank you!

Love and Blessings!

Jason & Norah


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