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Presidential Debate: And The Winner Is…


Wow, what a crazy time to be living. As always, every four years things get crazy in our country as we navigate through the election process, but this one is a doozy! The mud slinging and the absolute hatred between the candidates and their supporters is nuts.

I distinctly remember having been home on furlough from Bolivia back in 2000 when a BREAKING NEWS flash came up stating that George W. Bush had been arrested in 1976 for drunk driving. Boy, have things changed since then!

The worst part? We can’t get enough of it. Social media is going crazy. News networks are getting their highest ratings of all time. If you want to know who the winner is… It’s them!

This is Who We Have Become

For so long, the church has been extremely caught up in politics. I get it. It’s important. We need freedom, and we want to see our country governed well… in a Godly manner.

Even so, permit me to say something. The REASON we are where we are now is because this is who we have become as a nation. We are no longer a Christian nation. The values that are important to us aren’t important to the majority. We can scream and shout all we want, but the only thing that does is prove to the rest that we’re insane and out of touch.

Don’t get me wrong. This election is vital. We’re at a turning point in our nation. We must take this very importantly.

But, I believe with all of my heart that politics is not the solution for our nation and for the world.

What Is The Solution?

Jesus is.

The local Church is.

Not politics.

Not arguing until we are blue in the face about all the things that we like to argue about.

Please… hear me out. We live in a country where the will of the people will prevail. How they got to that will is debatable. They may have been lied to, or taught wrongly in school. They may watch the wrong news channels and they may not have real convictions, but were led there by friends or the media, etc.

It’s a battle that we will always face, but it WON’T be won by arguing or bashing the other side. It’s Spiritual.

Good News

The only way that this battle will be won is through the amazing grace and transforming power of Jesus Christ.

I’ve said this for years, but the United States is one of the largest mission fields in the world.

It’s time for the United States church to step up and start sharing the GOOD news of Jesus Christ. HIS message is the only message that will change hearts, lives, families, cities & nations.

That GOOD news isn’t a political message. It’s a message of love and forgiveness. It’s a message of hope and freedom. It’s a message of healing and unity.

We don’t give them rules or a political party. We give them Jesus (and honestly, a lot of us need more of Him too).

Why Another Church?

As we continue to prepare to move back to Nashville to plant this church, I am so reminded today of WHY our country needs another church.


That’s just my two cents. I’ll write later this week with some news on our progress.

Love you all,


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