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Our first weeks in Middle Tennessee


Hi Everyone! We have finally settled in some. We found a house to rent right outside of Murfreesboro, SE of Nashville. We love the place. It’s in a rural area, has a nice big yard (1 acre) and we are only 5 minutes from everything! The house was empty after moving in… having only a bed and the kitchen appliances that came with the rent. We camped out on the floors for awhile, but we’ve been doing some shopping for used furniture and finally bought a bunk bed for the boys and a kitchen table, + a new tv a few days ago. So we are starting to feel more @ home. I bought a mattress topper for ourselves and we have been sleeping on that for the past two nights. We’re still looking for the right bed and living room set. Oh, we now have Internet, so that helps some too. 😉

Take note of our new address and telephone numbers.

4245 Betty Ford Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Home Phone: 615-216-0551
Jason Cell: 615-900-0757
Norah Cell: 240-442-7342 (This could change sometime soon) EDIT: 615-900-0767

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