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Our First Service!


Yesterday we launched our first Hispanic Service at Journey Church! We’ve been working hard at developing relationships, and the time has come where we need to start ministering regularly to all of those who we’ve been reaching. We had 16 adults there! Of course, I had hoped for 100 ;-), but we were extremely excited about those who did come. Several of those who came were people who we met at the school a few weeks ago (more about that in this post)! Over the next several weeks we will continue to contact all of those who we’ve met so far, and try to get them into our services soon.

It was an awesome service, although it was A LOT of work for both of us! I led worship and also preached. Norah took up the offering and gave the announcements. My message was titled “Christ, The Solution”. Everyone left extremely touched AND challenged by God, including myself! Over the next few weeks, we hope to involve many of those who are part of our team into the services.

Sent From God

[wc_image attachment_id=”2380″ size=”medium” title=”” alt=”” caption=”” link_to=”post” url=”” align=”right” flag=”Verónica Greeting” left=”” top=”” right=”0″ bottom=”20″ text_color=”” background_color=”” font_size=”” text_align=”center” flag_width=””][/wc_image]God is growing our team! There are several people who are with us who we KNOW God is going to use in a big way! Daniel and Veronica are a couple that we met a few weeks ago. She is from Peru and he is American. They are amazing people, and have quickly become great friends of ours. They have been strong Christians for years, and actually met in a church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They just recently moved to Rome and have been looking for a church. When we met at Journey, I just KNEW that God had put us together! It’s a long story, but God has woken up a calling inside of them that has been dormant for a long time. In any case, Veronica helped us yesterday as a greeter and Daniel was controlling the lyrics and multimedia from the sound booth. We also had a lot of help from several others (Felipe, Sylvia, Maritza, Alma, and others), all of whom we believe God has great plans for here at Journey. We can’t wait to share with you the stories of how God is touching and working through so many people who He has placed along with us!

Keep us in your prayers and please continue to share our campaign (100-to-Run) with others! It is our prayer to reach and incorporate 100 people into the church by the end of the year! For us it’s impossible, only God can do it. That’s why we’re putting all of our faith in Him!

We love you guys!

Jason & Norah

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