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Moving Forward, Bolivia & Launch Date


Good Morning everyone! We wanted to post an update to all that is happening here in our ministry.

Exciting things are happening in our ministry! First, here in Nashville, we are truly moving forward. We continue to meet as a small group, and we have now put a tentative date for the start of services for late August. From now until then we will be continuing to build our team, prepare a worship and children’s ministry team, and buying everything necessary to launch. Last week, I (Jason) and two other guys from our team went to a one day church growth conference in Lexington, KY. What an amazing time we had. We came back so encouraged and fired up to work even harder! We have a cookout planned for this coming Sunday. We will be meeting in a local park, inviting ALL of the hispanics that we have met up until now so we can get to know them better and to share our vision with them.

Our churches in Bolivia are doing very well! Our Sucre church just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. We were able to connect via Skype, and we actually spoke to the entire church. They saw us, and we saw them. Isn’t technology great? The Santa Cruz church is completely full. They just keep growing and growing. Not long ago, they did an evangelistic event in a military base, and over 100 soldiers gave their lives to Christ. We are so excited for what’s happening there. Our “disciples” Erwin and Rocio Mercado are now the pastors of that church. God is using their lives tremendously.

We continue to mull over the decision to buy a second vehicle. We’re going to need a pickup for the new church. We will be renting an auditorium on Sundays only, so we will need to move our sound system and everything else back and forth weekly. Up until now, we’ve completely stayed out of debt, but we’ve pretty well decided that we’re going to have to buy the pickup with credit. Keep us in your prayers, that God would give us wisdom in making the right decisions as we move forward, for the church here in Nashville and as always for our churches and leaders in Bolivia!

May God bless you richly!


Jason & Norah

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