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Interesting Times


A state owned vehicle being burnt last
evening in Sucre

I personally have never lived in a time like what we are living in Bolivia. It’s a time that is quite interesting. Looking at all that is happening here, it seems to be a recipe for disaster. At the same time, there is so much hope behind each side and movement, that people have a load of mixed feelings. Fear, worry, excitement, hope, despair, etc. What will happen? No one really knows, but let me give you an update on what is going on here in this suddenly exciting, and world news worthy country.

The government continues forward on its plan to enable the new constitution that was approved illegally by members of its own political party. The text was written and finally approved without meeting the quorum necessary by law to approve it. This has caused an incredible amount of repercussion in the country. Over the past two days, 4 of the country’s 9 Departments (States) have declared themselves autonomous from the main government. They haven’t said that they are creating a new country, but have passed local laws that will enable themselves to withhold most taxes that are collected in the Department, to create their own police departments, etc. This of course is being done without permission from the Bolivian Government, so the government has declared a state of emergency and has sent hundreds of police units to these Departments. The Governor of Santa Cruz has also said that hundreds of members of the armed forces have moved into their capital city, entering as civilians.

There has been a great amount of pressure for Sucre to do the same thing that these other 4 Departments have done. There have been many protests in Sucre over the past several days. Last night a state owned vehicle, while parked outside the building where the new constitution was being written, was burnt by protestors who are against all the government is doing. Yesterday morning a policeman was found dead in his home, apparently hung. No one seems to know who the authors of this homicide are. Today a march is scheduled in Sucre, supposedly one of the biggest to ever happen here, which has the purpose of showing the people’s rejection of the new constitution.

Through all of this, the government continues forward, showing no signs of working towards unity in the Country. These definitely are “Interesting Times” here in Bolivia… 8-O

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