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In Buenos Aires, Will be using this as a Joural, Happy Thanksgiving!


Hi Everyone. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving from hot an humid Buenos Aires, Argentina. Norah and I arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday afternoon. We’ll be here for a couple of weeks. I tried to write a little bit yesterday from Santa Cruz, but I had problems with the keyboard and the Internet, and I ended up posting a bunch of gibberish. If you checked out the page, I’m sure you had a laugh, or at least a big question mark in your head asking what in the world happened. :-)

Buenos Aires is quite a place. I have no idea how to describe it, because I haven’t gotten a feel for what it’s like yet. It’s huge. 15 million inhabitants. We’re staying at a friends house these days, and it is an hour and twenty minutes trip from her house to the conference that we are in. We have to take a train for ahwile, then we get directly into the subway system. This morning there were SOOOO MANY people, I have never been so packed into a place with that many people in my life. Amazing.

The conference is great. It is about the Cell Church Vision that we are working with. One of our main goals is to visit this church here, which has about 20,000 members during the next couple of weeks. We hope to get a better handle on all that they do, an the cell ministry, the kids ministry, and lots of other stuff.

I plan on using the page as a small journal of all that we are doing during this time. I’ll try to post every day or two here telling you all about what is happening, what we’re learning, etc. So please check back often!

Anyway, pray that I can get some rest. Right now we’re really tired. We live so far away, and get home late and leave early, and have no place to rest during the day. Add that on top of missing the kids, and it’s pretty bad. But we’re happy. I called Bolivia a little bit ago and talked to Erynn. The kids are fine. We just miss them and they miss us.

Love you all!

Jason & Norah

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