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Heading Back To Bolivia Tomorrow


Hi Everyone. We’ve been all over the place the past few days, so it’s been kind of hard to get much time to sit down and write. Last Friday, Norah went to this church’s women’s Encounter Retreat. She went to get a better idea of how they do things here. I was busy visiting several different meetings Friday Evening, Saturday Evening and Sunday afternoon also. On Monday morning Norah & I traveled 400 km south of Buenos Aires to Mar de Plata, Argentina. It is a much smaller city than Buenos Aires, with a population of about 700,000 people. It is a beautiful city that is built up beside the Southern Atlantic Ocean. The 3 days that we were there it was pretty chilly, with temperatures mainly in the 30’s at night, and in the 50’s during the day time. We traveled back here to Buenos Aires this morning, and the weather was much nicer there. Somehow we managed to be there right in the middle of a cold front. Oh well. We enjoyed ourselves a lot, and we even got to fish for a few hours yesterday.

We will be meeting with several people this evening and tomorrow morning, then we will fly back to Santa Cruz, Bolivia tomorrow afternoon. Saturday morning we’ll be flying back to Sucre. We really miss our kids, but thankfully they are just fine there in Sucre with Norah’s sister, Sussy. We’ve been calling them at least every other day, and all is well there.

I doubt that I’ll get to write again before we get back to Sucre, so I’ll try to write on Saturday letting you all know that we returned fine. May God bless you all richly…


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