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Good Grief


This time I really did forget about the page. We’ve had quite an amazing half year since I last wrote, and finally I have a little time to sit down and think about things (It’s not that I really have time, I’m skipping a pastors meeting this morning… ;-) ), I realized that I haven’t keep anyone up to date on what’s been happening down here. Sorry.

The church has pretty well doubled in size since the beginning of the year. As of today, we have 120 cell groups in the church, with about 650 to 700 people attending those groups. We have an end of year goal to reach 150 cell groups. I’m not SURE that we will reach that, but I do know that we won’t fall very short. Many cells have been opened over the past weeks, and will continue to do so until the end of the year. I’ll keep you up to date on that. We’ve taken 410 people to our new believers Encounter Retreat this year, and we’ve had well over 1000 people receive the Lord in our weekly services and events. That doesn’t count all of the people who have received the Lord in the cell groups.

On December 2nd, we rented a small coliseum, and had our Sunday Service there. That night we had around 1,200 people in that service. We did quite a bit of advertisement beforehand, so we had A LOT of new people there, and 51 received the Lord that evening. So as you can see, things are REALLY beginning to move quickly here.

Everything is well in the family. Erynn just began Christmas vacation, and will start back to school on January 8th. She’s in 1st grade now, and is beginning to read pretty well, in both English and Spanish. Jordan will turn 3 on Jan. 15th. He’s doing well, but we are still worried about him not being able to speak well. He talks a lot, but he is not understandable. He seems intelligent enough. He is very curious, and he understands English and Spanish perfectly. Those who know anything about kids and speech problems, who have seen him, are not at all worried. But it is something that we hope passes quickly. We’ve been praying that he will start to speak soon. Anyway, he is a very happy boy. He enjoys life so much.

If I can remember… :-), I’ll try to keep you all up to date a little more often. Write us whenever you can, letting us know what’s going on there, and if you have any questions, just ask away! I do enjoy answering questions. I also have a SKYPE-IN telephone line, where you can call us at a stateside number, and it rings here. The number is 1-301-358-5227. If you ever want to call, PLEASE DO! If we’re not here, you can leave a message and we’ll call back. It’s all routed though the Internet, so it’s not expensive at all.

God Bless, and have a great week!


Jason, Norah, Erynn & Jordan

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