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Going Back to Bolivia – Heroes & $28,000 So Far


Good Morning Everyone!

What a great trip this has been. I’m heading back home (Santa Cruz) today. I’ll leave from Pittsburgh at 3:00 PM, arriving in Bolivia at 5:30am tomorrow morning after a layover in Miami. Santa Cruz sure seems closer than Sucre always has! This is definitely a very short trip.I’ve learned something important during this trip. Many times we have felt so alone in this work that we do there. Almost as if nobody really cares. Well, I WAS WRONG. It’s true that many have been disconnected because they are busy, and I wish that I could somehow get them interested in what we are doing. At the same time I have found that SO MANY here really do care about winning the lost in a faraway land, and they do care about us and our work. It’s been such a joy seeing some people work harder than I probably did to raise support for us. We’ve seen people give sacrificially, even to the point of some considering getting a loan to help more. I consider these people “God’s Heroes”. It’s been and continues to be a humbling experience.

As I return today, we are at $28,008.22 as of right now, but we WILL reach our goal. I have that promise (and more) from God. You can continue to send. Remember that the Hand of Hur, our sending organization is a non-profit 501©(3) tax deductible institution. All gifts can be sent to:

The Hand of Hur, Inc.
293 Bray Hill Lane
Oakland, MD 21550

You can also give online through our website… (We prefer that larger gifts come through check because of the percentage that paypal takes off of the gift).

Our goal is $36,000, and we are very close! If you haven’t been able to help yet, please do! Also, don’t worry if we go OVER our goal… for two reasons. 1) Our original budget was over $50,000, but I ended up having to take many many things off of the list to make it a truly reachable goal. The budget that we have now is MINIMUM for us to really be able to get things going there. 2) We were behind paying several things, having to send in payroll taxes and salaries out of the first several thousand that came in. That was not budgeted in this money, but it was an urgent need at the time, so we had to use it. Sooooo…. I’ve asked God for a little bit more. ;-) No need to worry about going over.

Please pray for my trip home. Keep in touch by writing or calling! Remember that we have a Vonage phone number, so you can call us locally, and it’ll ring down there. It is not an international call. The phone number is: 301-859-4401. We’ll answer in English… don’t worry :-D. We love you all, and we thank you for loving us! Have a great day and GOD BLESS!

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