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Getting Excited! Going to Birmingham, AL


Hi Guys,

On Monday, Norah and I are headed to Birmingham, Alabama for a two-day training event with ARC. If all goes well, we hope to come back and prepare everything to move to Dalton*** (EDIT: This has CHANGED… We will be moving to NASHVILLE: See here for more info) ASAP!

If you haven’t read our newsletter with the Dalton Church Plant annoncement, you can read it here

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ARC (The Association of Related Churches)

We are SO excited about joining ARC ( Over the years we have seen God move in amazing ways through our ministry… but if there is one thing that we have realized that we’ve needed more than anything is this: We don’t want to do ministry alone anymore! We ALL need people who have been there, done that who can guide us and that we can all work together with the same mission!

We will still be independent, and will still have A LOT of fundraising to do… but it is going to be such a blessing in working with so many others who have our heart and passion for the lost.

Do We Really Need More Churches Planted in America?

I wanted to share with you a great article that I came across recently about church planting in the USA. I think that you will enjoy it! Follow the link: Do We Really Need More Churches Planted in America?

Website Update

If you didn’t notice already, I just recently updated our website. Check it out! I’ve simplified it and have also updated the whole online giving platform. You can give very easily and securely online at our website at any time!

We are in this FULL ON to reach the lost around the world for Jesus Christ… And we DO need your help. We’re all in this together. PLEASE keep us in your PRAYERS as we move forward. May God open every single door, give us wisdom in everything, and provision. Also, PLEASE GIVE! Without you, we truly won’t be able to do it.

Have a great weekend. We love you guys!

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