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Announcement – Nashville Church Plant 2012


Hi everyone! It’s been awhile coming, but today Norah and I want to officially announce that we will be moving to Nashville in late December to be planting what will hopefully be the first of MANY churches here in the US and beyond!

See Our Nashville Announcement Video…

What God Has Done

God has done some amazing things over the past 15 years in Bolivia. He has touched the lives of thousands. We have seen: young people freed from gangs, violence & drugs; people saved; families restored; people healed emotionally and physically; and so much more! Not only that, but through God’s grace, we have raised up hundreds of small group leaders in the churches that we’ve planted in Sucre and Santa Cruz. These leaders are continuing the work in those cities, and they dream of reaching all of Bolivia and beyond for Christ!

Our Move to Nashville
Norah & the kids over Golden, Colorado

Now, it’s time to move on. We had quite a time trying to figure out WHERE the RIGHT place to go was. We felt God calling us to a larger, strategic place, but at the same time we really wanted to stay in this area. After traveling over half of the United States in April and again in mid-August, we had narrowed it down to Minneapolis, Nashville, Denver or Colorado Springs. After much prayer, discussion, and several clear, God-led “circumstances”, we felt that God was leading us towards Nashville. It was a TOUGH decision, but since we made it, God has put a sincere peace and excitement in our hearts over what HE has in store for us! We’re ready to roll!

The Need in America

As incredible as it may seem, the United States has turned into one of the largest mission fields in the world. Studies show that today only 16% of Americans attend church on a regular basis ( Many believe that we are only one generation away from being a post-Christian nation.

This must stop! This IS NOT what God intended! America needs to not only HEAR about God’s grace, but also SEE and EXPERIENCE his amazing love & power. (See Acts 8:4-8!) The “Good News” of Jesus Christ isn’t just verbal. Great arguments aren’t enough. God wants to touch people’s lives. Only then will they truly believe. We’ve seen so much in Bolivia, but THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Our Immediate Plans

We have a lot of preparation to do before we move in December. Over the next several months, we need to do a lot of fundraising (understatement of the year ;-)). This is VERY important. One of the main reasons that new churches fail is for lack of finances. We need to raise enough one time financial gifts to start this church with a BANG. We also need to raise two years of monthly support. That support will help cover the rent for the new church, our salary & healthcare. Why Salary & Healthcare? It is essential that the new church use its limited income primarily on impact and growth during the first few years, not on the pastors salary.

Erynn & Jordan waiting on school bus first day of school

We need to raise $70,000 in one time financial gifts and $7,500 in monthly support for the next two years. Many of you have been incredibly faithful in supporting us, and we thank you for that! If everyone who currently supports us would continue that support for the next two years, we would only need to raise between $3,000 and $3,500 more in monthly support.


Please keep us in your prayers. All of this change is not easy for Norah & the kids. Thankfully, they are adapting very well. Still, in January we will be putting the kids in another school in Nashville. They need your prayers. Norah truly impresses me. First, this is a new country for her, AND we are starting our lives over at 35! She has complained very little. (I doubt too many wives would handle that so gracefully!)

Pray for our finances… and please consider giving a one time gift and/or monthly support for two more years. E-mail us or give us a call. We wish to take advantage of these next few months to see and share our hearts with everyone!

Thank you and May the Lord bless you richly,

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