The Hand of Hur, Inc.

Loving the World and Connecting it to God's Infinite Grace & Power

IMG_0116Jason was born and raised in Oakland, Maryland. In 1996 he went on a short term, one year missions trip to Sucre, Bolivia. Long-Story-Short, that one year turned into 15 years of amazing ministry in Bolivia.

Jason met Norah in 1997 in the Theological Seminary, and they married in 1998. They also have 3 children: Erynn (03/2000), Jordan (01/2004) & Derrick (11/2007).

The Skippers planted their first church in 1998. In 2003, after having several years of limited success with multiple church plants, Jason & Norah started over. They realized that although adding church after church was great… they needed to find a better way of reaching the multitudes for Christ. They planted a new church based on small group multiplication… raising up a multitude of leaders that were all working together in reaching the lost. That church went on to become one of the largest in the city within just a few years, and also have international impact.

In 2009 the Skipper’s moved to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to plant yet another church under the same principles.

IMG_1073In late 2011 Jason & Norah felt God prodding them to return to the United States to continue the mission. After several years in re-adjusting to the culture and pastoring in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Rome, GA, the Skippers are now in preparations to move to Middle Tennessee to plant another Life-Giving, Bilingual church.

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